In Memory

This is a selection of the remembrances and messages of condolence we have received since Derek's passing. Thank you all who have contributed.

a slide show on Derek's life, compliled by Carolyn Affleck Youngs:
a slide show on Derek's Japan pilgrimage by Chris Madden:

How many miles did you walk
In your three score and ten?

Eratosthenes the Greek had the circumference
of the earth pegged at 25,000 miles
He could have used your cumulative strides
as a benchmark, one foot at a time

How many roads did you trace
on how many continents?
Blue lines on a dusty map come to life,
connecting villages a pony's trot apart

How many people did you touch
with your healing hands, your healing words?

How many times did you whispter "Peace"?
Your mantra
Such a simple idea, pure as a diamond
yet so hard to attain

It is only fitting a boy born in a blitz
should grow up questing for peace

How much love did you give?
How much were you loved?

How can you be gone when every step of the Camino
echoes with memories

You have found peace
Our Derek's come home

- Henk Suys

Derek was in Kingston upon Hull (Yorkshire, UK) in the late 1980's and just turned up in my shop that I ran at the time. He stayed three days with us here. I introduced him to pagan friends I had and he brought us his gift of peace on his peace walk. He taught us a chant, which I still remember, and to make peace cranes...

Holland was his next direction. He was intent on not only visiting mazes, but on helping to create one that was being formed somewhere in Europe at the time.

Derek Youngs was an extraordinary person, the likes of which, if you are lucky, you meet. I still live in the same abode he stayed in with us, modest, very, but a step on his journey. No hotel costs, Derek gave so much more than he ever took. A lesson for all of us. And certainly, a few of us in East Yorkshire were blessed by meeting him. I felt very touched by his three day progress in my life. So do all the friends I introduced to him for the ritual of peace we did in a garden here in Hull. One person is still so influenced she is writing a play based on his message...

I hope in some way, other people will keep his spirit alive and young people will take it up as this is all he seemed to want. You couldn't help but love him. It was immediate as the love shone out of him. Universal Love in abun..Dance!

RIP Derek, Deerdancer, dance forever xxx
- Samantha White, Kingston-upon- Hull, Yorkshire

I met Derek shortly after he moved to the Sunshine Coast, and spent lovely and comfortable times with him, Lin, and Carolyn.  It was my deep pleasure to help facilitate Derek's coming to Japan, and we did the last day of the Stonewalk two days before the 60th anniversary of Hiroshima. After he and Carolyn visited some of the 88 temples of the famous Japanese pilgrimage called Ohenlo-san, they came to our home in Hamada, where we did another peacewalk, and he delivered his talk, Just One Step. After my daughter was born we visited Derek, Lin and Carolyn, and after my son was born we visited Derek and Carolyn. He was always kind and gentle, and two weeks ago when the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan he emailed me daily. Just a few days before he passed over we had a wonderful Skype with him and Carolyn, and he was his serious yet jovial self; put on a hand-puppet and interacted with my children at length, while also asking my wife and me about our safety. We will always remember him, and always feel blessed by his presence. I love you, Derek.
- Crispy  (Chris P. Madden)

...Derek was a wonderful and very remarkable man.
The first time I met Derek was at his home on Kammerle Rd in Pender Harbour a few years ago.  He had called me up to get an opinion of value on his home which he was considering selling at the time. We ended up spending 90% of our time talking about deeper things and I remember being facinated with his many incredible experiences.  He told me about Yassar Arafat and his time spent in the middle east - I left being blown away by his kind and humble nature and felt like I had really just met someone very special. After Lin and Derek purchased the Duck Pond condo I know he had a tough go with Lin's passing.  Even then he had a spark and a remarkable attitude through that difficult period. ...Then (Carolyn) coming into his life brought that twinkle back into his eyes and it was amazing how fate just seemed to bring (them) together.  (How) perfect for each other.... I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated Derek and felt about him.
 - John & Bev McKenzie

Last week a remarkable being transited from our orbit and headed out on a grand journey. .......Derek was my first and best massage therapist.  I came to him in 1977 in some fear of being poked and prodded.  He laid large warm pallets of cloth over me and let me cook.  After a while he began the massage and I was in such heaven.  He had promised not to push me and I felt very trusting of him.  Finally I said, you know, I think you could go deeper.  It's okay..  And he said, "Ah, Georgia, if I go any deeper I'll be into the table.  You have completely opened up".  This was an incredible empowerment of my sense of what I needed and my ability to trust when the energy was right.  I will never forget that gift and treasure it.  Godspeed Derek...
- Georgia Neff

I am so sorry for the loss of Derek.  He meant a lot to me, and always will.  He helped me when I was younger, we used to write letters and he made me believe like I was meant for more and that I wouldn't always be in the situation I was in.  And he was right. Description:
- Laurel

He was such a wonderful man and I loved him very much.  He was my brother in so many ways. He was my hero others.  I loved his dedication to peace and always, always felt blessed by his caring...
- James Emler

...The main thought that comes to mind is that Heaven must need his help to claim Peace on Earth... We celebrate your Life Walk, Derek Youngs...What a journey begun with a hard-hat on in the camps in England during WW ll as a little boy.  So much of the world for you to touch...and you did...everywhere you walked.  Thank you for sharing your passion for Life.  We all carry your love in our hearts forever... until we meet again Sweet One...Namaste...May the angels dance with you Carolyn & Family...
Love Always...
- Ashala Jansen Rushing

Love, light, inspiration, fun, realized, calming, wise, in the moment, heart full of love not afraid to shine.  True love partnerships that give hope of what's possible.  Thank you Derek!  I love you, I love you Carolyn, I love you Lin, I feel like you three are angels that have blessed my life in countless ways, and the journey continues.
- Sarah

Dear loved Derek,
Words cannot quite express how thankful I am for your presence and friendship in my life.  You are one of my life's most dear and cherished souls.  Thank you for all of your love, support and inspiration.  I just love you so much!  You gave me the living inspiration of living from my heart and fully being here now in every moment.  Breathing, feeling, dancing, trying things on, "the invitation of the third, the circle, are just some of the pearls...
Love you,
- Ula

...  I have this strong feeling that he goes to prepare a way for the rest of us and that he will be much needed during these coming years of earth changes and can do best where he is and will not be long coming back. An elder when we are still babes...
Love and hugs
- Tanis Helliwell

... I am grateful for the times he and I shared as friends over the years. It once again reminds me of how precious each and every day is. I will sit in quiet prayer for this terrible loss to all of us.
Brenda  Stubbs

I haven't forgotten any of our shared times. How could I? I learned so much from having his presence in my life. I met so many truly beautiful, spirit filled people thru him. He taught me it was okay to DANCE. Not only okay, it is NECESSARY to dance when I am moved to. It is necessary to play. It is necessary to love.  I remember when I last saw him, I told him of my daughter having been pestering me for years to write about my life. I told Derek, "I don't know what I would write about." Derek offered that I should think about what I would want to tell him, and write that. Yet in truth one of the absolutely most treasured gifts of Derek is that he/we never left things unsaid. I realize that one of my most profound truths, is that Derek lives within me. I carry him, his wise ways, his joy filled spirit, his sorrow, I carry him. Each person I interact with, unbeknown to them, shares in the love that he passed onto me. Tag you're IT! I am energized....
...To have known that beautiful soul was a gift I am thankful for every day...
-Isabelle Kessler

...I could never imagine it was Derek's time to leave this earth. I was looking at his Facebook only earlier today remembering his warmth and kindness.  Derek was one of the most influential people in my early teenage years giving me much emotional support and wisdom to get through difficult times.  Derek also continued to  be there throughout my life at times I seemed to need his strength and understanding or just to be held in whatever I was experiencing. It was rare in my life to have this unconditional  love and I I will miss him deeply.
Lots of love
- Amanda

I am, of course, very shocked and very saddened to hear of the passing of my dear friend Derek Youngs. It is hard to believe, because Derek was so very much alive and loved life so much. He was there with me when my son (Andrew Derek) was born, and I will always treasure his memory...I can connect with Derek in a new way now - he is a truly 'free spirit' now. He truly had a blessed life - as do so many who are taken from us 'too soon'. And, he was a blessing to so many. No - not at all a tragedy. God bless him!
God Bless You!
- Barbara Dutcher

Finding Derek (and Carolyn) in 2005 was a huge turning point in my life.....I was searching for peace, for something more for all of us in this world.  I discovered the Peacewalker website after googling 'peace' and joined Derek and Carolyn on the 2006 Peacewalk on the Camino de Santiago in Spain.  I will forever cherish the memories of that walk together with 11 other nurturing women and our wonderful guides.... Carolyn and Lucile, with Derek as our quiet, patient leader and friend. The thought of him appearing magically around the next corner, barely able to walk himself,  just when I was so done and needed inspiration to keep going, still brings a smile to my face.  I have thought of Derek often since the Camino and remembered the encouragement in his smile at the crossroads of many of my challenges since that walk.  Some people you meet in this life you never forget or wonder why they came, you just know  their light will always shine on the path of your life.  Derek is one bright light!...   To Derek's family and grandchildren....he spread his light unceasingly...we honour him by doing the same....thank you for sharing him with and light forever,
- Laura

...Life is so tenuous.  Never in a million years did I think that our Derek would not be with us for years to come...
- Angel

...He is a beloved friend and will be sorely missed... Visiting on Galiano Island - always an oasis of nurturing for me, one who knew not how to relax!  Walking for cookies and coffee- such a treat - so simple and so clear and so much fun!  Derek - Do I know that you love me?  YES!
- Livina Hiacinth

... I sadly share tears...for the loss of a beautiful and caring soul.  
- Steve

...The world has been so blessed to have had Derek walk upon it and inspire thousands. All of my love,
- Leah 

I am deeply saddened at Derek's sudden passing.  I am very grateful to have known such a kind man and also grateful that, thanks to you, the last chapter of his life was filled with so much joy.
My deepest condolences,
-  Joel

...It has taken me time to accept the thought of not seeing Don Teo... or talking with him. He always gave me much to think about...and I left feeling a richer, deeper and wiser person, as if my soul had grown. I felt at  peace with the world, ready to give where needed, always so positive and understanding.  That's what Derek did so well.  ...I shall always remember Don Teo as the only person I have ever met who possessed the gift of being able to touch the essence of a person. He could bring out the best in one, putting fears behind us, turn our weakness into strength, listen with intense attention and compassion, and  leave one with such a positive upbeat  feeling.... What would Don Teo be thinking or doing at this time??   He'd be walking or out there soul searching, he'd come up with a positive answer/solution to everything, and he would help us carry on.   He was an amazing man who had the gift  to help the soul carry on.   (He would) chuckle as he looks down and counts  his blessings that he met all of us on Planet Earth and we look up and say how thankful I am that our paths crossed.  I definitely lucked out on that one... He will be deeply missed my many.  I feel so lucky our paths crossed and I know he will be there, waiting and ready to greet all of us when our time comes.
Love and a big hug,
- Susie Bragg

... Derek was timeless and his smile lit up the world....Derek made a difference; he lived and loved with all his heart and will be missed deeply...  He reminded me of the best in people and the best in me... I have been reading Derek's writings again and feel his presence so deeply.  I remember when I went to go have my first massage with him years ago and couldnt find the door to the address.  I was a little wary as I walked up a tight staircase and then, those big blue eyes and smile that said   "You are in the right place."  I came to Derek to seek some relief from back pain and received relief from life's pain He was my angel and he truly changed my life. His gentleness and kindness were in his every touch and word. Derek healed not only my body but my soul and his wish for me to find my wings and fly is something that will encourage me for the rest of my life.  I did have one shoulder that didn't work very well and he would say, "Let's fix this broken wing so you can fly" and I knew what he meant.  It didn't matter what space Derek was in-it was beautiful and healing and safe; it was his space.  You have flown into the light before me, Derek, and because of you I will be more. Love you and feel you close by always,
- Debbie Sutherland

It was more than a great pleasure to walk across Canada with Derek; it was a a life shaping event.  I think about Derek and his message of peace... and I know he will be in our lives always. As I mentioned to a friend when I found out, not a day went by when Derek didn't pop into my mind.  He had a huge part in opening my mind to many new worlds.
Peace be with you, now and always,
- Keith Thirkell

He was such a wonderful and caring man and we feel fortunate to have spent a little time together.   After becoming "peace walking" friends on-line, it was a pleasure to finally meet in Maui...
Yes, when it's all said and done, all there is is love. Little else matters. We're constantly reminded to savor each moment, as I know (Derek and Carolyn) did.  If a man's worth is measured by his impact on others lives, Derek was a treasure....
With love & hugs,
- Brandon Wilson & Cheryl

I  think about that incredible walk I shared with you Derek and the special group often.  Events such as this one don't just fade away they become more integral more nourishing more purposeful. Footprints and dreams that will last for eternity.
God bless...
- Angelina xxx

...Derek will always have a warm place in my heart.  He lived his life more fully and with a heart more open then anyone i have ever met.
wishing you love, peace, and support,
- Maya & Damian

Derek's presence and love in my life was indeed full of blessings and I will miss him deeply...I loved seeing the light in Derek's eyes when I first saw him together with (Carolyn)....
Much love.
- Trish and Sarah-Lynne

....I sit here overcome with saddness not just for myself but for the world...Derek was a gift to so so many and the ripple effect, of what he has done unselfishly and for the betterment of us all, will never ever be able to be measured or comprehended.  ...I'm always sad when someone I care about leaves us, but someone like Derek is so rare and it hurts me deeply - there are too few people who think about what is best for the world before what is best for us...when we think this way we find that what is best for the world 'IS' best for us! THIS is what made Derek so special and it is such a tremendous loss to the world...
With all my heart,
- Brock Tully

Just like Brock, I was shocked ... Actually disbelief was my reaction.... He was and will always be a great inspiration to me, because he did make a huge difference in this world. i will miss him being here... With lots of caring and loving thoughts...
- Wilma

... It is through my tears, shock and sadness that I feel, but it is with open heart, love and gratitude of having experienced Derek and his many splendors that I respond.  I am so fortunate to have basked in the light that shone around the pair of you.... It restored my faith in true love...   I am blessed to have connected with Derek on this journey. He is hope and he is inspiration in whichever form he now resides in.
- Sandy

...He was definitely an inspiration.  I trusted his fatherly energy so much that it would make me cry when I would call upon it in my mind. ...
- Katharina

I was sorry to hear of Derek's sudden passing... I had the privilege to meet him at Peace Committee events here on the Sunshine Coast and always found him very real and inspiring...
- Lynn Chapman and John Turnbull

...  I'm sure you continue to be surrounded by great love, both Derek's and the host of those, including myself, who have been deeply touched by the beauty of your individual and shared lives.   We all now become Derek's continuation on the planet.  Sending you my love and a huge amount of metta - from one Peacewalker to another.
- Bruce Nichols

... I have such sweet memories of our time on the Camino; his wonderful support and presence...
- Gretchen

... I can see the twinkle in his eyes and constant smile, he truly radiated happiness...
- Natalie

...It really is a truism that we are living on borrowed time and it gets shorter every day.
I know Derek will continue to walk in the spiritual world and perhaps even connect up with Lin.
My sympathy and thoughts are with you.
- Jack James

This is indeed sad news ~~ I’m so sorry for your loss. I expected Derek to keep walking forever, which – I suppose – his soul is going now.  Derek gave me great insight into the Camino and I will always remember him as the person that kindled my interest in that part of the world....
- Christine Boecker

A spirit has left a body that was not able to contain it any longer.... I know of a child who was born in Vancouver the following day. I am thinking that a part of that spirit will be in her.....and in me.....and us.....those who were lucky enough to have had Derek in our lives. I MUST keep that honor him as I want to...for the rest of my life. I will so miss his presence though....I am so sorry for our loss…..and the world’s loss.... And another cycle moves through our lives as we try to bear up with the loss of the specialness that Derek brought to us. 
- Bev Behrman

I am so sad that my friend Derek has passed on. My husband and I worked with Derek at the St. Leonard's Society of Brantford Ontario in the 70's. ] He was a funny friendly caring person and we always said we would never forget him. What a personality.  He visited us briefly when we lived in Lantsville B.C. and then we lost touch. A beautiful human being...
- Audrey McDonald

I am saddened to hear of Derek's passing, but know that he felt peace every day and satisfaction in a well lived life.  He felt peace because he embodied Peace.  It was a huge joy in my life to meet someone who had walked the Great Peace March.  I have followed it at the time and often thought about such a journey. Meeting Derek, for me, was like meeting a huge movie star for others.   I know I lit up when I met Derek and felt like he couldn't tell me enough stories about his experiences on that walk and all the subsequent walks.  He is so inspirational.  He truly showed me a wonderful way to live my life. I am grateful that I met Derek and that we were friends, even if separated by geography.  I wish Carolyn and all who love Derek some peace in this time.
-Ann Howley

Please know that hundreds of us in the Great Peace March community are thinking of you.
 - Bill O'Neill

I was blessed to walk with you across America in 1986, Derek. I am amazed at all the walks you did alone and with others. Your strenth, patience, kindness and dedication to peace are a light in the world. Thank you, Derek. Peace to you.
- Peter Megginson

He never stopped walking...
- Jason Thompson  (Great Peace March)

... Derek is a light in the world.
- Peter Megginson (Great Peace March)

Another Marcher marches on...
-  Naneki Scialla (Great Peace March)

Godspeed Derek.  We'll see you at the next camp.
- Cybele Connor (Great Peace March)

So sorry to hear this sad news. Derek is a wonderful spirit, and it was an honor to share common formative experiences with him.
Peace and Love,
- Darryl Purpose (Great Peace March)

I  didn't know him well- but he made a strong impression on me- he was just do present and real and he radiated kindness and joy. I am sad to hear of his passing.
- Nancy McManus Miller (Great Peace March)

... Derek's energy made an impression everywhere he went. I'll always remember his smile.
- Bonny Bj King-Taylor (Great Peace March)

All I can say is that I hope the second half of my life is as half as meaningful as Derek's.
-  Thaddeus Gregory Blanchette (Great Peace March)

Derek was such a positive presence on the Great Peace March and I was always interested to hear about your adventures together and efforts to create a world of peace. Derek's life is an inspiration.
- Kim Montes

Godspeed Derek. We'll see you at the next campsite.
-Cybele Connor (Great Peace March)

Derek was one of my favorite people on the GPM. I aspired to have smile lines on my eyes like his, and his spirit always lifted me. I love that man!!
- Dan Cohen

... I was fortunate to meet Derek and walk many miles together on the Great Peace March in America in 1986 and again in Europe in 1987. Strong, kind and wise, an honour to have known him.
- Joanna Abernathy

As many others, I met Derek on the GPM and appreciated his kind and bright spirit. My deepest condolences.
- Jenny Goldsmith

My husband, two year old son Noah and I were together with Derek for the first few weeks on The Great Peace March. When the original organization fell apart in the desert at Barstow, CA, we left, worried about crossing the desert with a two year old, and Derek kept walking, and walking and wallking. He came to Galiano as a gesture of condolence when my husband died in 1991. I haven't seen or talked to him for decades, but last year we reconnected through Facebook with a mutual promise to get together. And we never did. He lived an amazing life....
- Ann Eriksson

....We were on the Great Peace March together ...  He came to visit my husband and me on several occasions gracing us with his wit, humor,  wisdom and compassion.  He touched so many, many lives leaving people feeling uplifted and blessed...
- Mariana de la Fuente

... (We) only met a couple of times but (I was) touched deeply by the offer of unjudging support during a very difficult time in my life. You will never know how many times I have thought of (him)... Derek played such an important part right at that critical turning point.
Much love and peace to you,
-Laurie McConnell

...At a cerebral level we all know that 'death' as we know it is not the end of anything,  a "mere"  transition to another phase of existence that teaches us all left behind to observe patience. That's well and good - we have human hearts that break with sorrow and that is another journey....
Much love,
- Ginny and Chris

.... What always touched me the most is the way I FELT your joy inspiring so many - literally everyone you were around...
All my love,
- Ami

...For me Derek will remain in my souvenir of the Camino. Caring and smiling, loving and big heart person.
Hi Derek , have fun in the Universe! Love,
- Sandra Nicolas

I feel honored to have known Derek.   He made a difference in many many lives.
Much love and light,
- Rose

... What a treasure to have known this spirit and fellow traveller on the journey....  
(With) appreciation for sharing your grief with all who can tend the passing of this magnanimous Soul!
- Penny Allport

So sorry to hear of Dereks' death. Although I haven't seen him years, I will always remember that grin and his gentle way.
- Dwight Elliot

...Derek was a wonderful man....
- Art Hister

I was very fond of Derek and had a great deal of respect for all that he accomplished.  I also loved his laughter and joy at the small things in life that one by one, add up to a life well lived. ... 
.. for me, Derek is somehow still here..... I just can't see him.
- Diana McMeekin

I will always remember Derek with great love and peace!!!!!!  I too learned so much from him as we all did.   
- Joy - Creation's Bliss

I am very sorry to hear that Derek has died. I met him when we lived in Vancouver in 1999, and we hit it off right away. We stayed in touch for a while after we moved back to Edmonton, but have not corresponded for several years. Derek was a special man, who followed the urgings of his soul and inspired many others to do the same.
Many blessings...
- Noel McNaughton

I feel blessed  to have walked with Derek in Spain and Israel and will cherish the memories.
My thoughts and prayers are with you all during this difficult time.
Love & Peace,  
- Cindy Pasco

 ...Derek brought so much joy and inspiration to so many...
- Janice

-  I only met him a few times at "Church on Chapman" but I was instantly struck by the depth of spirit  that shone through him.  He definitely was a very special person
- Leslie White

Be blessed as always -- Derek walks on -- the old rascal will never stop :-)   ...
David Anttony

... He contiunes to teach me by example even in his death, knowing his light remains. Knowing he... left so close in our time is startling and mysterious but I do know there are no accidents....
- Judith

It was an honour to have known Derek. He was my massage therapist for years. We also had birthdays close together and he never forgot to send me a birthday wish. He was a wonderful man and what a joy it must have been for you to have shared your lives.
- Carole Smythe

The Camino was one of the most amazing life experiences for me, and Derek was a such wonderful guide.  He was one of the warmest, most caring men I knew.  He seemed so happy and content the last time we visited... 
- Chris Allan

... I met Derek who arrived several years ago to visit Israel Palestine. I had the honor to spend quality time with him and the group, maybe short time but enough to know his heart.  Now' when he moved to the other side and he is totally in the zone of infinite light and peace, I wish to imagine his eternal presence in (our) heart!
In Oneness and infinite loving gratitude.
- Hagit

...He was a very special person, I know he touched so many people with his loving kindness.
I am very grateful to have met him and for his help, healing and support, at a time when I was in need. It meant so much to me...
With love and peace,
- Kirsten Friz

... What a gift he was to all who knew him and to our planet. The short time he was in my life to help heal my body and spirit with massage therapy I felt really lucky and blessed. The couple of times I bumped into Derek on the Sunshine Coast I felt like I needed more of his beautiful energy and wish that he could just be bottled up to carry around as he was such a gift and I knew his message of Love and Life in the moment was just what I longed for...
- Janet & Rob

... My short time with Derek, measured in days and hours, changed my life, and I know many others must feel the same way.  To me he seemed to master the art of  living a purpose driven, simple life with such joy and humor...
- Robin Boyd

How special it makes me feel to be in his circle of friends...and I am grateful for all the gifts, far too many to list but you are aware of them all.   Most of all I am so grateful to have had Derek in my life these past four years...he might have chosen otherwise at any time and I'm blessed to have known him.  Beautiful man, loving soul, kindred spirit.  I will remember the gift of him staying as long as he did when I miss him most...
- Tina

I walked with Derek on the Peace March across the US. I am currently re-reading writings from that time and just came across a picture of Derek. Such a bright light! I’d hope our paths might cross again...Now that reconnecting will happen on another plane. I am glad to know of his work and life since our walk...and grateful to add my memories of him here. I send heartfelt love...
-  Jill Davey

... For the short time i knew him i found him to be the gentlest of people he will surely be missed by all who knew him...
- Rick

Spring - Thinking about Derek.  Thinking about the Camino.  We are very thankful to you Derek for inpiring us to take our great walk of trust, the Camino of Santiago.  Derek - you continue to inspire us.
Adios - Mucha luz amigo,
- Doreen and Rejean

...I was thinking about what Derek would have said if he was listening to my daily rant about the trials and tribulations of parenting - he probably would have said it was a lot like a pilgrimage...

... Time heals but goes slow. Something we can't change. I think of him often, and at times feel sad, but then also happy. I am so greatful for the little bits of time I had with him.....and for some of the wisdom I had a chance to learn from him. I take life less for granted and enjoy it more....
- Rad

...Few whom I have met in life have stood out like Derek, so gentle but so strong, peaceful and peace making, always present and when he touched you it was so amazing. A tear and a smile knowing his journey continues...
Warmly and with hugs,
- James Precious

... Something (just) drew my eye to a tiny book.....  I'm not the neatest guy in the world so I hadn't noticed it was there...  Derek had given this tiny book to me many years before.   I'd been having a rough time and Derek said,  "Here's a book to read - it'll help."   Can you guess the name of this book?  "Letting Go."
- Roberto DuBruc

...He was a great man and I loved him...
love and peace,
- Harold Epstein

I knew Derek as he stayed in my house... in the 90's in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. When I emigrated to France in 2001 he visited me two times on the way to Santiago de Compostella. I have such good memories of Derek, he was a great example of kindness, tolerance and love and much more...
- Marjorie Schreuder

I met Derek through my midwife when I was pregnant with Maya and had massages with him at the Integrated Health Centre.   Maya was early and I took her to my scheduled pre-birth appointment when she was two or three days old.  I hid her in a sling under my blouse to surprise Derek with her and succeeded.  It was one of many special moments shared with him.  Now we've come full circle it seems, or rather, completed another round in the infinite spiral of life.
- Willow

...I really remember he listened to me when I told him about the problem I had at that time during your staying in Hamada.  I appreciate his kindness.  I pray he will rest in peace.
 - Sumie Ohara 

Derek's life is Heaven and Earth brought together. Derek then and now IS Heaven on Earth. What a beautiful life lived, to live in the flow of Peace and to love like he did and does, just being sweet love on Earth. He really did it, he has lived a beautiful life! And now we are left with his inspiration that lives in me and in you. Derek lives forever in us.... Your lessons for life I will cherish and do my darndest to remember.  One is "just feel good!"
Thank you, Derek, your love keeps on giving and giving ! ;)
-Joe James

Feeling deep sadness and such joy at the same time ... Derek really did live in the moment, bringing love here and now wherever he went ... and how very wonderful that he ended his remaining time on Earth with  Carolyn ... LOVE multiplied ...
-Akasha Forest

... I always enjoyed Derek's youthful laughter. He was someone who seemed to raise your spirits but was hard to pin down in this world...So long Derek
-Blake Ludwig

Beautiful soul, dear friend. Grateful for sharing many steps with you Derek. You will be missed. Light, Love and hugs,
-Juduth Brosius

Hugs & Tears, "Not all who wander are lost"
-Scott Bleackley

Tears of sadness to think that our Deer Dancer has gone from this life; Tears of joy to know that his spirit will always be with us...
- Laura Monagan

I am so happy that Derek got in touch with me again just a week ago. My only wish is that I could have gone for a walk with him before he passed from this life to the next journey. Fly far, my friend...
- Sara Aria Quist

I met Derek when I was 17... he saw past my scars and pain and befriended me and loved me for 34 years.  Peace to you my dear friend...
- Daphne

Blessings to Derek and his family. He is a loving presence and a wise, beautiful soul that touched all with his endless beauty and light. 
- Deb

I've just read the news of Derek's transition. He was a wonderful Reiki friend... and I am so happy i got to re-connect with him again...Much love to all of Derek's heart mates.  xo
- Jeannie

Dear Carolyn and Derek's family,
It makes me sad today to know that the bright spark of Derek has moved on to another place. I first met Derek as a massage therapist where he helped me both physically and emotionally at different periods in my life. I counted him as both a healer and a friend. He was a wise soul that I learned much from. If you can measure one's life by the connections we make Derek would be way at the top as you could not meet him without coming away feeling good, whole, listened to and loved. I will feel forever blessed to have been among his connections.
-Carolyn Levy Aronson

... I remember him...unguarded, awake, beaming and beautiful, even though it's been years since I've seen or spoken to Derek, looking at his honeymoon pictures, his spirit was shining bright as ever. Blessings to Derek's family.
- Brenda Peltier

Derek's intrepid pursuit of his ideals was a genuine inspiration to me, as he was to so many others, I'm certain. Peace to all he loved.
- Frank Holmgren

It was the 80's .. and we were growing up .. many blessed times and connections as we explored life .. what a journey .. Thank you Derek for the times spent together ... and many blessings on your huge extended family .. I hope we can dance together...
- Beverlie Jansen

My heart opened and relaxed both in Derek's presence and simply at the thought of him. What a blessing...
-Sheila Stratton

My life was touched by Derek for a brief time and he made a profound impact on me. When I think of Derek, my heart expands, I feel peace settle in and know that all is well. I am empowered and inspired to be the best I can be which includes acceptance for what is .... if for 20 years or 20 minutes, each moment is mine to embrace, to live and to share. A dear friend of mine shares his thoughts that our life is measured by what we give. For me, Derek gave so much and his life is a reflection of that.... I know that all I need to do is pause and remember to connect with Derek. love and hugs 
- Trudy Ames

Derek, you know how deeply your spirit touched me...we talked about it on the March now and then, and then again at the reunion. Your quiet strength and warmth inspired me, your huge heart and strong shoulders were such a comfort, you surprised me at how funny you are! I always told you what a beautiful man you are! I always meant it. You will be missed, dear friend. Soar!
-Carole Schmidt

You have given so much to this world, I will miss you my friend, enjoy your next journey...
- Shally Prasad

 Dear Derek,  may your wisdom keep on living in each and everyone of us. I am so very sad to know you're gone from this world. I offer you my deepest appreciation for all you have been in my life. May you be traveling safely surrounded by all the tears and smiles your memory brings up for all of us.  My deepest thank you for your posting; you are a very brave soul. May you find all the comfort you need in this time of loss.
- Jocelyne Bourque

Dear friend I felt you walk with my Nan and me. With the sun on my face you were right at my side. Thank you for being there, for always being there. Thank you for all the love and learning. I cherish the time we had and celebrate your life. What a difference you made to so so many and to the world at large. You will remain in our hearts always....
- Julie and Stewart xxx

Derek, how blessed I feel to have connected with you in this life and to call you my friend. From that time you first sat down with my toddler and me at Strait Coffee and showed him how to make a peace crane, I knew you were someone special. Thank you for the difference you have made in your lifetime. Rest in peace.
- Tom Kellough

I am very honoured to have known and spent time with such a present and open-hearted man, and I feel so sad to have to let you go. The world is a much, much better place because of you, Derek... your great heart, playfulness, and gentle spirit...
Much love.
-Lynn Thorsell

I have so many fond memories of Deer Dancer - one being that he introduced me to reiki!  Such an incredible, kind, loving, playful, deep being he was... Time spent in Florida - Derek's conversations with all of the animals at the estate where a few of us marchers were staying and caretaking...seeing him reach into the waves at Venice Beach and pull out a beautiful shell - like magic...
- Kathy Reutlinger

Rainbow Blessings on the eternal journey we share in the name of peace love and harmony! truly an honor to know thee - forever inspired by your wise heart and gentle walk...OM Shanti Shanti Shanti!!!!!
- Erica Snowlake

I am now, at this moment, recalling when we three first met in Santa Barbara and you both invited me into your conversation, into your friendship. Derek was a man with an engaging, lively spirit and such a warm and open embrace - how could I resist?! :^)... You were/are an inspiration dear friend. I will always remember your enthusiasm for life and your love for "the journey". So grateful that our paths crossed.  He will be missed. xoxo
- Matt Knowlton

I met Derek on his walk in New Zealand in 1993 and have since returned to USA to have my daughter, now seventeen.  I have often thought of Derek and thought of him so strongly a few days ago and wanted to be in touch with him...May I follow in his footsteps in whatever I do, knowing today is a good day to die, going in peace.
With deep thanks and all best,
- Liza Morell

Sincere condolences from me and my wife.  We met Derek on Kawaii since we stayed in the same hotel in January (2011) this year. He was writing on his book...We spend some good time talking about important things in life, about presence, openness, god and lots of other things. He really touched my soul and I am thankful for the chance to meet him.
All the best,
- Ulrich

Derek had such an important impact on my life and was a catalyst for healing for me.  He was always so supportive and loving towards me.  I will forever be grateful to him.  I find myself missing him terribly...
 With love,
- Doris

I met Derek when I was a client of Linda's in Vancouver in 2000.  They both were so kind, genuine and true holistic practitioners. I kept in contact with him sporadically since Lin's passing, the most recent Mar.16, just a few days before his passing... Derek, Thanks for the opportunity to know you. The world has lost a very special person but we are all so enriched by sharing your presence.  Thank you for the gift of your light, encouragement and kindness. You will not be forgetten.  May your gentle soul rest in peace and may you and Lin continue to watch over all of us with your infinite wisdom and kindness. Peace, aum....
- Ivy Mannil

So sorry to hear of Derek's passing.. I only just found him again on the net.  Several years ago I contacted him as I was wanting to do a walking trip too. We exchanged a few emails and it almost came to an arrangement being made for Derek to visit Canterbury. Sadly my health changed...etc.,  and tonight I see that Derek has passed in the light. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.  
Love and peace,
-Marcelle Nibiker

I am so sorry for the loss of Derek. He meant a lot to me, and always will. He helped me when I was younger, we used to write letters and he made me believe like I was meant for more and that I wouldn't always be in the situation I was in. And he was right. Description:
-Laurel Young

Oh Derek,
I miss you so much - but who am I to interfere with your walking, and teaching.  Go forth and have us smiling, as you always do.  I hold your lessons, and you (and Carolyn) in my heart!
-Johannes Halbertsma

You are a wonderful person and will always be treasured.  See you in spirit.
Barbara Sobon

Wish I had more chances to visit and talk, Derek...looking forward to the book of a life well lived.

Thanks for the Camino, Derek.  Thanks for being the special, warm and accepting person I'll always remember you as.
Happy trails, love
- Viveca

We're all here for such a fleeting moment.  We are lucky to have the chance to meet someone who can open our eyes to the beautiful symphony of life.  The memories and sentiments are the things that last.
Thank you, Derek
- Geoff

You will always be a light in my life, Derek.  Thank you for teaching me the peace crane. After 10,000 I feel very peaceful.  I will continue folding peace cranes and remembering you.
- Gord Alexander

Derek, you got so free you just slipped through the veil. I love, honour and miss you and so wish we could have more mutual on-this-earth playtime. No more. You leave me with the breath and vibration of your freedom. You are unforgettable.
- Naya Kee

Dear Derek,
Thank you for the great journey!  I feel you  and you are in my heart forever. 
Bon voyage,
- Jacinthe

With a smile and boundless energy he showed the way.  A true gift.
Love and memories,
- Fergus

So many memories - meeting Derek for the first time in a sweatlodge at Thera on Galiano - giving each other support in the heat - walking with Derek on Walk Across America for Mother Earth in 1992 - the fun we had on that trip together sharing our passion of walking and activism.  Planning Walking Home...everything does not have to be planned- TRUST!
- Linda Bassingthwaighte

Dear Derek,
Thanks for letting me know you, your stories, and your experiences.  You inspired me by how you choose to do and what you do, day by day.  That's what defined you, not what's happened to you.  May I do the same.
- Macy

I love you Derek.  You will always be in my heart.  Visit often...I will be waiting for you...
- Brenda Carman

One of my earliest memories of Derek is from his massage office.  He and his office mate had measured the window and ordered blinds - only to find they didn't fit.  His office mate was taking out the tape measure to find out where they had gone wrong.  Derek asked, "Do we really want to know who was wrong?"  I've thought back to this over the years....
- Luinda Bleackley

Always loving...Always loved...
- Anthony and Judy

Forever in my heart, my friend.  Thank you for ever.  Always smiling like you because of you.
- Giorgio

Derek - Happy trails and much love,
your friend,
- Larry Chan

One of your many gifts was deepening my connection to the medicine which you helped me create while I was on a 21 day silent retreat.  Thanks neighbour and friend,
- Shera

Life is a long winding road.  I am blessed to have had you in my life.
Forever in my heart,
- Danna, Mark and Ava

Derek- I hope you are still with me.
Your friend forever,
- Kerry

Dearest Derek,
Now that you have transformed, you can reach into the hearts of all, for an infinity, your physical limitations released...
- Grace

Sweet Derek,
The journey continues....walk with love...
- Lucas

There are always odd things that are reminders about a person.  For me, Derek and Carolyn are always the "Leopard Lounge", and the happy times we all shared watching movies and joking.  We also remember the time you came to our place, pretending to be tourists who couldn't speak Spanish.  Isn't it times like those that make life? 
- Mike

Derek- what can I say?  We shared so much in the early days when I lay on your massage table and zoomed off into space!  Be at peace my dear friend.  We are looking after Carolyn.
All my love,
- Elaina

Derek was a great gift to those who were lucky enough to know him, and he changed the lives of people he passed by along the road. He supported me through cancer and heart breaking life changes. He gave me hundreds of deeply healing massages over three decades. I think he was a born healer and sage. I am going to miss him, but seeing the photo of him walking towards that light makes me smile. Derek was a very blissful man on earth and now he IS bliss. His many wise words to me could be summed up quite simply: don’t let your heart contract in fear, open your heart to love. To Carolyn, who brought such comfort, joy and playful energy to Derek’s last years here, may you find deep peace. To all of Derek's family and loved ones: may you be comforted by his love for you.
-Lorraine Krakow

When I first met Derek, I thought he had the most emazing energy.  I walked into the room and felt a very centred, grounded, loving, happy energy, all beaming from this man with twinkling blue eyes.  As we got to talk, I was even more amazed by all of his stories and journeys.  I could see why Carolyn and Derek loved each other dearly.
Some of the best advice I have ever received in my life came from Derek over dinner one evening.  I was home from university and telling him how I had sublet my apartment for the summer and how everything just seemed to be working out easily at that moment.  He told me that people had called him 'lucky' much of his life, and that he did feel blessed.  but he felt the reason for his 'good fortune' was a willingness to put out good energy into the world and to say 'yes' to whatever life was offering and work with that in the moment.  And then he surprised me by saying, with a kind of deep certaintly, that I too would be blessed with things coming easily in my life because of my good energy.
That was such a precious gift that Derek gave me.  He was a teacher, and lived his philosophy by example and be his very being.  He sad 'yes' to life and I plan on taking his sage advice.  I will always love him dearly.
- Kaeli

When I first met Derek at Carolyn's a few years ago, they were making origami birds -- little cranes-- one after the other.  Derek seemed sad yet peaceful.  I asked him what he was doing and he told me that he was making these peace birds as a kind of prayer for his wife Lin who was terminally ill at the time.  Even through his deep sadness, I felt his acceptance in embracing what life was presenting him in the moment.  Over time, and later as I came to know him, I learned what a playful, wise spirit he truly was.  There was a light that illuminated him and which drew me to him as a friend.  Derek lived in a state of acceptance and I guess we should too.  But he will be sorely missed.
- Fraser

...When I think of Derek now, I think of someone who embodies playfulness while embracing peace in the way he lived his life.  I remember the first time (Carolyn) brought Derek to dinner...We were just getting to know him and after we'd finished dinner, Fraser began playing his guitar and singing one of the original songs he'd written.  I harmonized with him and when the song was finished, Derek smiled at us and than said, "I think I'm falling in love."  Well, the feeling was mutual...
Derek was truly one-of-a-kind.  He was a healer and in addition to practicing massage, he wanted the whole world to be healed and become peaceful for his grandchildren and the generations to come.  And so he listened to and acted on his inner calling to walk for peace....
You walk amongst us still and you always will,

- Teri